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My journey into adult ballet

{Above photo taken from Yolanda Dance Studio Facebook Page} Yesterday, I enrolled myself in adult ballet class. I was nervous yet excited because I had not been doing proper barre exercise, guided by professional coach/teacher, for 13 years. So yesterday, I entered my first proper ballet class for adults at Yolanda Dance Studio. There were five of us and I was the new girl. The class started with basic barre exercise – first position, second position, third position, fourth position, and fifth position. We did plie and battement fondu and other movements, in which the terms I have forgotten. Then there was classic ballet floor exercise, which I enjoyed. The one-hour class was not bad afterall because considering I just started,  I was able to catch up with the rest. Even my teacher said I had a “very good turnout”.  That made me happy and I brought home my first ballet flats


Hello, how do you do?

I had spent the last two weeks reading blogs in the office when I should be working. I noticed that I failed miserably at blogging often. Perhaps, I should blog something easy. Something easy that does not require hard thinking. So I had been reading blogs in the past couple of days and I stumbled upon one of the many getting-to-know-me questions. So, I thought…this is easy.  To whoever is reading this, let me tell you a little bit about myself. 1. Do you have a middle name? My middle name, or rather, my second name is Geraldine. 2. What was your favorite subject in school? Advertising. 3. What is your favorite drink? I don’t have a specific favourite when it comes to thirst quencher. I enjoy drinking tea and coffee 🍵☕️ 4. What is your favorite song at the moment? I listen to jazz and folk music. One of my favourite songs is Winter Trees by The Staves ❄️🌲 5. What is your favourite food? Fetuccine carbonara. But I also love Japanese food 🍱 6. Do you participate in any …


Inait: Song of the Spirits

May, in Sabah, is the month of Kaamatan (Harvest Festival). In 2013, my colleagues and I did an assignment on Magavau ceremony. We travelled to Penampang district and spoke to a bobohizan apprentice (whom, I was recently told, has become a full time Kadazandusun high priest). I did the interview. The write-up is done by my senior colleague Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi. **originally published in Life & Times , 26 May 2013

Drinking coffee in Copenhagen

People drinking coffee

One of my favourite pastimes is going to cafe for a cup of joe. There is something relaxing and elegant about it. Maybe it is the ambience or perhaps the smell of coffee. Or maybe it is the act of observing people sipping a cuppa  itself. It will take me some time to explain but like Jackie Chan said, coffee is a language itself. Here are pictures I found on Pinterest.